How We're



Ramsey McHale is a team of talented professionals dedicated to continually developing their skills as premiere homebuilders.  They remain informed and current on the latest building trends, innovative skills, and cutting edge technology for the construction market.  They are professional and offer a quality building experience with an unmatched attention to detail that resonates with clients as dedication and commitment.  These differences are why distinctive clientele seek after the company as it is synonymous with personal care and quality construction.

At the onset of every project, Ramsey McHale provides each client with a Construction Estimate, utilizing a Construction Specification Institute (CSI) master format, and a detailed and accurate Construction Schedule in a Gantt Chart form.  Ramsey McHale is able to provide cash flow projections and historical cost data to help forecast project costs.  Ramsey McHale routinely employees third party waterproofing consultants and building commissioning consultants to ensure they are providing the client with the most superior product possible.  Recently, Ramsey McHale has implemented a “digital plan room” where construction documents are provided digitally onsite enabling the most up to date documents to be utilized in the construction of the project.  This capability enables seamless integration with Architect and Engineering updates saving time and resources as it ensures everything is constructed according to specification.         

*Examples of Construction Estimates, Schedules, and Cash Flows for potential clients are available upon request.